How To Dunk A Basketball

How To Dunk A Basketball

Every basketball player wants to know how to dunk a basketball. It is the most celebrated shot in the game. It is the dream of most average players and it is an in-your-face "statement" that a good player makes to a defender. We all know WHAT it is, and we all WISH we could do it. But what exactly is involved in learning how to dunk a basketball?

There are many STYLES of dunks, but when it comes down to the bottom line, there is only one thing involved in how to dunk a basketball...

Can you jump high enough??? Well, can you? If you are wanting to know how to dunk, the answer is probably "NO!"

Do you want to do something about it? Of course you do! The bigger question is CAN you do something about it?....The answer to that is "YES!"

Your size doesn't matter. We have all seen short guys that can jump. Your current jumping ability doesn't matter. YOU CAN LEARN TO JUMP HIGHER!

All that remains is for you to take action. Doing what you are currently doing hasn't helped. Doing what your friends say to do hasn't helped. Doing what your coach says hasn't helped.

Why not listen to someone that has trained hundreds of professional and world-class athletes? Listen to a man that has used his own techniques to improve his own vertical to 44"! (rvtc/ht)


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